A country (Somalia) with vibrant, productive and prosperous young people.

South West Better Life Organization (SBLO) is a is a credible Somali based, registered non-governmental, not-for-profit, non-political humanitarian and developmental organization


SBLO recognizes that the youths are the most at risk and vulnerable

and they therefore require urgent attention and support to avoid falling prey to elements ready to radicalize them and recruiting them into violent extremism.
Founded in 2016 by Somali intellectuals from diverse professional backgrounds who are committed to caring and improving the living standards of young Somalis.

SBLO is headquartered in Baidoa, the interim capital of the South Western State of Somalia with sub offices in Hudur and Wajid in Bakool, Afgoye and Bararwe in Shebelle regions of the South Western State of Somalia.


Success Rate

SBLO provides vocational training for youths at risks and vulnerable groups.

Apart from permanent administrative and teaching staff SBLO is able to undertake a wide range of vocational trainings targeting youth from South and Central Somalia..

Somalia continues to face numerous development challenges.

The Challenges include; poor access to basic health care services, poor enrollment of school age children and youths to attend, insecurity, droughts, recurrent floods, and the broader economic crisis.

These challenges impact greatly on the young people with various consequences. SBLO believes that the fight against insecurity and the pursuit of a better life can only succeed through commitment of all stakeholders through social action and by engaging principally the community but most importantly, the very vulnerable youths.

In this regard, SBLO aims to save lives and create sustainable socio-economic development for vulnerable groups from marginalized communities by intervening against dangers of militancy and illegalities in South West State and South and Central of Somalia.

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